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Powder Blush

Baked Blush

A luxurious powder blush that features a striking infusion of colors made in Italy, and baked
on terra cotta tiles that gives this blush brilliant pigment. Easy to use, sensorial in texture,
the nuances of color become extraordinarily luminous. Smooth application leaves your face
looking healthy and radiant all day. Apply with " Best of the Best" Fiber Optic Brush.

Key points about our Baked Blush:

* Color assortment was designed with all ethnicities in mind
* Very blendable 
* Baked on "Terracotta" tiles gives the final product brilliant color pigment. 

Tiffany’s Tip:

Glide brush through color and lightly tap off excess powder. Lightly apply to cheeks, forehead,
chin and/or nose and blend well for a soft glow.