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Brush on Brow

Brush On Brow

Shape and color match perfect brows in the convenient to carry compact with a mini shaping brush.  Eyebrow shading powders are specially formulated for long day wear.

Key points about our Brush On Brow

*  Portable and perfectly polished brows.

* Brow powder is perfect for trending full, thick defined brows

* Sleek signature black case contains poder and perfect brow brush.

 Tiffany's Top Tips

Use a clean brow brush or spooly to brush over brows.

Use a brow pencil in either your shade or a shade lighter on the bottom of the brow first to create a perfect line for definition.  If you have thinner brows remember to use light strokes with a pencils.

Use a browpowder with an angle brush in a slightly dark shade (your hair color or natural brow color) to add more definition and true color to fill in.  Angle liner brush helps accent your arch.

Use either a concealer in a light shade or a light shadowbase (small amount) with another clean angle brush to sweep directly under your brow line (both top & bottom of brow).  This helps clean up left over brow powder and also highlight the brow bone.