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Bella Lash Training

 BELLA LASH EDUCATION TRAINING     rsz-bella-logo.jpg

The Fluhme Glam Bar is officially a Bella Lash EyeLash Extension Training Center

Bella Lash has the number one eyelash extension training program in the United States. With copyrighted and patented training and products,  the courses are unparalleled.

 The Bella Lash Education department has spent countless hours researching, testing and refining the best training curriculum in the industry. Each course is designed to engage every type of learner thus allowing each Bella Lash student to be set up for success.

 The two-day, hands-on training courses are designed to certify licensed cosmetologists and estheticians in the art of eyelash extensions, however students should check with their state regarding lash extension licensing regulations.

 Classic lashing is the first step to beginning a successful lash career. This technique must be mastered before attempting volume lashing.  

Each class comes with a Bella Lash Small Kit, with an option to upgrade to any other Bella Lash Kit for an additional cost.

Fluhme GlamBar will be conducting the Classic Bella Lash training courses.

Classic Lash Training

Volume Lash Training