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Baked Shadow

Italian Baked Shadows


Our superior Italian Baked Shadows are baked on terracotta tiles for superior performance. Our long-lasting formula can be worn wet for a dramatic highly pigmented look, or dry for a sheer, brilliant pigment. Apply Baked Shadows with Fluhme Angle Crease Brush, Fluhme Blender Brush and Fluhme Eye Smudge Brush.

Key Points About Our Baked Shadows:

* Highly pigmented colors.
* Fantastic wear time throughout the day without having to re-apply.  
* Using our primer as a base, our baked shadow will blend well with any other brand of shadow you would like to partner it with.                                                       

Tiffany’s Tip:

Our Baked Shadows can also be worn as an eye liner!  Wetting our angled brush and
dipping it into the shadow of your choice will give you a beautiful eye lined look.